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From the HLO forums:

Originally Posted by rob View Post
I'm finally getting the time to circle back on these items for you. Please note that I won't be actively monitoring the HLC forums. Heck, I rarely check the HLO forums anymore and am only doing so recently because there's so much new stuff out. So I'm going to answer your HLC questions here. You can forward this information to other forums you deem appropriate, but please remember that I won't be monitoring those places.

Now that we've got the PF2 GMG wrapping up, SWADE should get the attention is deserves. There should be some details coming soon regarding SWADE.

Prior to having all the Campaign Theater stuff in place, there wasn't a compelling reason for PF1 users to migrate to the HLO space. Now that we've finally got that stuff operational, PF1 migration is a viable path. That said, we still need to flesh out some of the CT functionality first, and implementing the migration will entail a sizable chunk of work. So nothing is imminent, but the subject of PF1 migration is going to be a "hot topic" in-house in the weeks ahead.

The issue with HLC 64-bit and RW got completely lost in the past many months of coding madness. And it's unlikely to get addressed for at least a couple more weeks, based on our current game plan. But I'm putting it back on my radar, and I'll do my best to investigate it in the weeks ahead. Sorry I can't be more definitive on this.
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