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Originally Posted by Angela2013 View Post
Is there a way to get the Region of Origin tab to be able to be used at the same time as Ethnicities?

For example: Moon elf born to elven parents that were captured by human Vikings living on the Great Glacier.

Base Race -- Elf
Ethnicity -- Moon
Region of Origin -- Great Glacier

As it stands you can only choose an Ethnicity or a Region of Origin not both.

Is there an adjustment that can add one or the other back or a way around this?
I am sorry for the delay, I've been busy preping a PF Modern game I'm running. As it stands, the answer is no, they are mutually exclusive code. Though it should be noted that I based the ethnicity code, off of the Origin Code, so in theory it might be possible to recode it, but I am a bit busy at the moment. I will try to create an adjustment to override this, but as it stands. No.
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