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Originally Posted by Sarelth View Post
Yes, Darksun and Birthright were 2nd Edition D&D setting that never came into the more modern versions, though there is a Darksun setting for 5e now I believe.

My Birthright conversion kinda stalled as the fan project behind it sort of died. I have some plans to try to get it going again though. I think they are working on a 5e version, or at least a couple of them are.

Also, Toby do you have a Github or something set up for the files? I keep finding little errors, like spaces in the middle of words, and I would be more than willing to go over files to edit them if you were willing to allow me I mean.
I dont use github, I do not like github. I can never figure out how to keep things up todate between what I'm working on and my computer. However, I'm not currently working on anything for Darksun, at this moment anyway, so if you see stuff you are welcome to make edits in the file and send it to me direct.
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