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Dark Sun Glitches
Well, dark sun is actually a very specific subset of 3.x, it uses VASTLY different rules. Spontaneous casters dont exist (mostly). Many races dont exist or are so different they cannot be handled with Alternate Racial Traits, and Divine Casting is dramatically different because their are no true deities, only Wizard-Kings or something like that that "grant" powers to followers. It is also a HIGHLY psionic system.

I do very little updating to Dark Sun because I have never played it and really know almost nothing beyond what I've described. This is why I created the option. <Use Dark Sun Spells and Powers> selecting this will allow you to use spells and psionic powers from Dark Sun without running into all of the preclude issues and validation errors.

If anyone thinks they can do a better job running Dark Sun and wants to take over. I'd be more than happy to surrender management of it. But only to someone who is experienced at coding.
A note about Dark Sun. As I recall, there was NO official 3.x Dark Sun product. Dark Sun and Birthright were both AD&D 2nd Edition product lines that were essentially abandoned in 3.x Part of the reason for TSR being bought out by Wizards of the Coast in 1998-1999 was they had too many competing settings (including Dark Sun, Eberron, Birthright, Greyhawk, and Forgotten Realms). WotC focused on the Forgotten Realms for a setting, and used the Greyhawk gods for the iconic cleric (Jozan). Everything else is a fan conversion, to the best of my knowledge.
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