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Originally Posted by RichieRich View Post
First let me ask, do you have a Patreon, or similar? Your efforts have greatly impacted the usefullness of HeroLab for me. Its wonderful, and I'd love to kick in a few bucks for your efforts.

Next up, I found a glitch I thought I'd report. Well, its more like an unanticipated effect. If The Dark Sun Material is added, it's requirements overwrite the other settings. My experience shows that If Dark Sun is enabled, Sorcerer and Paladin classes are disabled, even if you aren't using anything related to Dark Sun. I'm not sure what else is affected.

Lastly, Are your conversion efforts and the community packs the only sources for Forgotten Realms content? I see a LOT of FR books listed, but grayed out in the selection window. A While back you had listed adding the Dwarven Battle Rager as a next step, but I don't see it now. Did that fall by the wayside for now?
Patreon & Supporting Me
I do not have a patreon account, as that is more for content creators. I'm more data-entry and dont have alot of perks I can give to folks in return. Also, I can't imagine myself livestreaming my efforts to enter content into herolabs; I'd bet that would be rather boring as I dont talk much, just listen to endless ours of audiobooks.

I do have a KO-FI, that I set up a while back to take tips for my GMing on roll20. If you want you can tip me at TobiasFox on Ko-Fi. And it would be very much appreciated. :P

Dark Sun Glitches
Well, dark sun is actually a very specific subset of 3.x, it uses VASTLY different rules. Spontaneous casters dont exist (mostly). Many races dont exist or are so different they cannot be handled with Alternate Racial Traits, and Divine Casting is dramatically different because their are no true deities, only Wizard-Kings or something like that that "grant" powers to followers. It is also a HIGHLY psionic system.

I do very little updating to Dark Sun because I have never played it and really know almost nothing beyond what I've described. This is why I created the option. <Use Dark Sun Spells and Powers> selecting this will allow you to use spells and psionic powers from Dark Sun without running into all of the preclude issues and validation errors.

If anyone thinks they can do a better job running Dark Sun and wants to take over. I'd be more than happy to surrender management of it. But only to someone who is experienced at coding.

Abandoned/Partially Abandoned Content and Grayed Out Sources
I added all of those sources and grayed most of them out. At one time I was more invested in converting whole books. Now, I convert material mostly on an as needed basis. Classes often fall by the wayside if a project becomes too much or I run out of time.

I had to abandon several things, Griffon Rider of Algarond, Runescarred Berserker, Battle Rager etc. Although, rune-scarred has recently been re-added to my to do list because of a request.

If you wish for me to enter something specifically for you, I'd be happy to try.

My next update for this content will be at the end of the month, and it will include all of the Iconic 3.x content, some additional content from 3.x supplements and the Runescarred Berserker. After that, I have several games of my own that will likely keep me very busy. Including a pay2play game I am positively desperate to run.
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