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We're planning an update of Hero Lab Online Wednesday morning (Aug 15) at 10 AM Pacific time. We're hoping downtime will not be longer than ~1 hour.

UPDATE: We're also planning an update of our account/sales server at the same time. However the account server downtime is expected to be shorter than Hero Lab Online (probably less than 15 minutes). While the account server is down, logins to Realm Works will be unavailable, along with sales for Realm Works and Hero Lab Online.

UPDATE: We're sorting out a few details on this end, so we're not going to hit our 10 AM window. ETA is not known at this point, but we're hoping sometime in the next few hours. We'll keep the service up until then, and keep you posted when we're getting close. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: OK I think we've got everything sorted out on this end. We'll be bringing things down in the next 10-15 minutes or so. We'll let you know when it's back up.

Everything should be back up. Thanks for your patience!

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