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So, I managed to get both new feats (Greensinger Initiate and Nightbringer Initiate) to add skills to the Druid's class skills using the code I found in the other version of the Greensinger Initiate feat :
~ Add a class skill
      var index as number
      index = hero.child[cHelpDrd].assign[ClassSkill.kBluff]
      index = hero.child[cHelpDrd].assign[ClassSkill.kHide]
      index = hero.child[cHelpDrd].assign[ClassSkill.Perform]
It works, I tested it in the character creator.

However, I did not manage yet to get the Spells added to the spell lists. The script used in the previous version of the Greensinger feat throws an "error in string expression" at the compilation.

Here is an exemple the code :
 perform [spChaPer1].assign[sClass.Druid]
I also tried the solution you advised me, using the "Extend Thing" subtab, but didn't get more success. Here is an exemple of the extensions I created and the error that the compilation gives me :

The "fNightbrInit" tag is the unique ID associated to the feat I created.
Here is the code I put in the Eval Script :
perform hero.childfound[cHlpDrd].assign[sClass.fNightbrInit]
The objective is to get the feat I created (fNightbrInit) to add the spells to the Druid Spell List. It looks like I misunderstood something in your message, but I don't see what.

Any input on this ?
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