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The comment on strict RAW regarding the enchanted arrows is wrong and does not make sense given the army book. The unique rule on page 500 of the rule book refers to named magic items in the BRB and the list of magic items pages but not unit upgrades or weapons that may be magical weapons or other magical items. This issue was fleshed out on a number of sites and is very clear. You have examples of magic weapons on certain models in certain Daemons army units being common and repeated throughout the army. You wouldn't say one cannot take two units of plague bearers, two heralds of nurgle, two heralds of khorne, two units of bloodletters, or two skullcannon chariots because the models in such units have magic weapons. The army book specifically does not restrict one to only one model taking each type of enchanted arrow and the army list is clear in treating these as model and unit upgrades without a lock out. Similarly, ETC and others have consistently ruled on this issue.
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