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There are a couple of ways to do this, I would suggest not deleting the COM files though as they'll just come back next release anyway.

Simple way:
Create or modify your own .user file, in the editor find the *Hidden tab and then for every deity you want to hide create a New(Blank) entry. Each of these hide a single thing permanently from you without deleting it. Make your own deities.

Harder way:
Create your own "Hide Stock Deities" source via the .1st file. Go into one of your personal .user files and find the *Preclude tab. For every deity you want to hide you create an entry with its thing ID and your source ID.
This means every time you check your "Hide Stock Deities" source on Configure Hero (Ctrl-K) , it will hide the things you selected.
Make copies of all the deities and change the description.

Hardest way:
Since you say you want to overwrite some of the PHB deity information, you can also go the route of replacing the existing deities. In your deity user file when you are in the editor, on the right of a deity entry is a box under the blue buttons that is labelled Replaces Thing ID.
You *could* create a copy of a deity and in that box put the thingID for the original.
Example: You want to replace the text on Akadi (a community god with thingid of dei5CAkadi)
You Copy Akadi and give it a Unique ID (say deiRJAkadi) <- I used RJ for Redjack, you use whatever you've been using.
You then type over the description as you want it and make any changes you want.
To the right in the Replaces Thing ID box you type in dei5CAkadi.

When you look up deities, the Akadi that shows up should be the one you just edited.

This last way globally overwrites the community stuff

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