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Originally Posted by flyteach View Post
We had 4 in our group, all using HLO. If there was a warning, none of us caught it. Maybe making it a persistent toast until we close it? I know I've seen it in the past, but didn't seem to yesterday, when it was most critical.
Also, yeah, the convention schedule, just like at Paizocon, has been out for weeks and is very public. Please at least consider going outside of the main 5 hour blocks as @Parody suggests.
And there are no release notes, so we don't even know what was fixed.
We'll be changing the behavior to make the toast persistent henceforth.

We're gonna figure out a better way to get the convention game schedule clearly known by the dev team in the future.

The release notes went out this morning. We were wiped yesterday. The release notes were properly staged in advance, but we forgot to unveil them once the hotfix was officially deployed.
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