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Originally Posted by slate View Post
Not knowing your infrastructure, is it possible that you could spin up a second front end cluster, deploy update to front end cluster, drain traffic from A to B and then remove A?

Obviously, if there are DB migrations, this might be less ideal and would require a lot more heavy lifting.
You make it sound so easy when you say it like that!

This was something I wanted in place more than a year. Alas, I then found out the server code had to be completed rewritten (see my comments here for more info). During the rewrite process, I've probably put about 50% of the necessary infrastructure into place to accomplish this, but there's still a meaningful chunk of work left to do. And then a TON of testing.

As you surmised, an additional factor has been that most releases (aside from these GenCon hotfixes) entail a bunch of database changes to incorporate the new capabilities we've been steadily adding. That increases the complexity greatly, and definitely wouldn't be supported at first, but we could still use the transition approach for hotfixes that are code changes only, like we've needed the past few days.

So it's definitely something I want to do - and have been working towards in pieces - but we're not there yet. My goal is to be there by the end of the year, finishing up the missing pieces interspersed with all the other new stuff that's in the queue.
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