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The information we had showed numerous games going late into the night. So there was simply no "good" time to do it. We consulted with the person on staff most familiar with the convention gaming schedule (the rest of us have been working round the clock), and she didn't flag a conflict with the outage timing. So we did our best to pick a "less bad" time, and it sounds like we could have been more thorough. I apologize for that.

We have literally been working around the clock to get everything into place for GenCon. And to address the rough edges over the past couple of days for things we didn't catch during our own testing. There are limits to what a tiny team like ours can achieve, and I'm proud of what we've managed to put into place this week. It hasn't been perfect, but it's been pretty darn good.

We're all exhausted on this end. I hope everybody has a great weekend gaming and that all of that hard work pays off overall.

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