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I am concerned by the development focus. For me as a customer, I have used Hero Labs products to generate my characters using all available rule books (which on Hero Labs Classic, I was prompt to pay for the additional content as soon as it was available).

As a customer, it appears as if the 'plot has been lost' with focus being on trying to simulate virtual tabletops, when the market is already inundated with virtual tabletop offerings. What the market is not inundated with is character generators for these games.

As a long time customer of the HL Classic who promptly bought every available source material release to continue to give me the option to create new and interesting characters, am kind of baffled by this.

If team is currently inundated with source material, shouldn't that take a higher priority over additional tabletop functionality? Shadowrun is a great example, where Firing Squad, Adversary, Krime Katalogue, Shadowrun: Shadow Stock: Ingentis Athletes, and No Future content have not been added or offered for the HLO offering.

Further concerning is that from the above list, the only source material mentioned to be added is Firing Squad.

As a customer for a character generation tool, my expectation is of rapid offering of released source material that adds options to character creation. Perhaps I have rose colored glasses of the Hero Lab Classic days and am just remembering prompt and verbose delivery on content releases.

Was initially excited about Hero Labs Online, given my experience with Hero Labs Classic....sad to say that that excitement has been replaced with disappointment.

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