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As the jump from Computer Program located on the user's computer went to the Online App via web portal, my overall concern had been pretty simple. Can I use this as a character generator and have the printed character sheet at the table?

The answer is "well...."

I hope that some sort of character sheet print out is being worked on that will use the standard format for the system it is printing, or have choices of what "character sheet format" can be used. Thus far, the current (vastly improved, thank you) sheet is serviceable, though I did put in a bug report about not having the notes section on the main sheet. (or in any of the printouts, for that matter)

With the online sessions being used almost exclusively for the time being, having the VTT compatibility will be nice, and the new books being in as released (or in a timely manner) is awesome, and I don't begrudge the hard work put in thus far.

Thank you for the update, Rob.
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