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Thanks for the summary Rob, it is nice to have a central post where we can see everything that has changed, as I use PF2 only it is sometimes easy to forget that there are other games being worked on here as well.

The campaign theatre and subsequent dice roller have been received well, with my campaigns now fully adopting both of these items. I agree that with what has been happening in the world, the priority of these areas certainly increased (all my games are now completely online).

There are two things that I would really like to congratulate the HL team on.

1. Your response to serious faults has been nothing short of superb, on two occassions I have raised help through your FB page (at odd times as I am UK based) and had problems resolved mid gaming session. The bug report system has also worked well.

2. Releasing books for HL in line with actual releases from Paizo etc has impressed. One of my returning players (from HLC) asked how long it would be before he could build a character in HLO with an APG class and my response was "HLO support will be pretty much straight away".

All in all, thanks and keep up the good work.
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