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Originally Posted by EightBitz View Post
Right now, on the machine where you have the latest copy of your realm:
1. Backup the database.
2. Do a full export of your realm.
3. Import the realm into a new realm to make sure it's a good export.

Worst case scenario:
1. You now have a backup-realm in case anything happens.
2. You have the export to fall back on if anything else goes wrong.

Still open the case with LWD and seek their help, but do these other things as well. Backup, backup, backup!
Was a good idea, but alas, it was not to be. I was able to index, do the content fix up, and export and import into a "testie" Telon realm (created just to do the import). All went perfect..until...

Interestingly I decided to try and convert the (both old and new) Telon realm from other to pathfinder (was no such animal when I began Telon). It failed on both the old and newly imported realm. I submitted a report back in 2017 with regard to this and was told it was identified and would be fixed in an upcoming update.

I tried to sync the newly imported "testie" Telon realm and it failed just the like the old version. I compacted my realm and it fell by almost 400mb in size, but alas, it is still borked and I am still unable to sync even a new version or the old version of it.

So it isn't related to the discarding and re sync action. Troubleshooting is 99% finding out what isn't the issue. I also know it isn't related to the conversion fails, as that have been around for over a year. Nor is it due to content issues, and it exports and imports fine. Index also completes, as does compacting. Every other realm, and I have more then a few, sync with out issue.

I suspect I will have to submit my Master Realm for analysis to see what nasty worm has invaded my Telon unbeknownst to King Horus Targonor Furth!

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