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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
These index out of bounds errors seem very odd. They're not happening after an import operation correct? It just doesn't seem like this sort of thing should be happening outside of bulk processing operations.
The error was tied to new logic used for sorting names. The "natural" sort logic splits up names into pieces that treat numbers as numbers for comparison so that "abc34" appears before "abc123". That's a simple example, and the logic handles lots of very complicated situations, including the use of commas and periods (e.g. "10,000,000bc" is treated as "10000000bc" for comparison).

There were some edge cases in the logic that crapped out when dealing with situations that were clearly typos in the names assigned to topics. That's why it only impacted three realms out of everyone. Those needed to be fixed so that the realms could load.
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