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So here's my take:

Book Source topics are of most use to people who plan to make content available "by book" in the Content Market. The Paizo PRD is full of open content, for example, so someone can make their own version available to compete with Paizo's. Mechanics in Paizo's content are mostly open content, so making rules elements (Feats, Spells, etc.) available "by book" makes it easier for other users to find them in the (eventual) Content Market. For the end-users, not so much. Players just care that they can find their Feats, Spells, etc. -- and being hyperlinked within RealmWorks means that the book may be a useless appendage at that point.

Custom Categories are the way to go' Using the built-in Categories is the best solution if you expect to purchase a lot from the Content Market, as these are the Categories that purchased content will appear in. As I have long since given up on the Content Market, making customized categories that represent the information the way I want it is a much better option (for me; others may disagree). True, it means that going forward I will need to enter everything myself, but since I have already completed a good portion of the existing Pathfinder rules, that is not much of a deterrent.
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