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So, much of my RW frustration came from breaking your first rule (Creating custom Categories for anything, in the long run, is not advisable.) I wish that LWD had just said that to me in the beginning. The majority of my crashes and broken realms came from breaking that rule. In theory RW can handle it, but in practice you are asking for trouble (IMHO and experience). Since I have stopped trying to customize RW I have not had significant issues. This is a real shame since the ablity to customize is supposed to be a big selling point for the product.

I think the story sources category was mainly intended for use by authors and not the majority of users. Its seems that they intended them to contain the authoring info (authors, illustrators, copyrights, ect.) as well as the synopsis for a GM running it or a player playing it.

I don't even try to separate it all out by source. For a while I was including a tag that showed the source, but then LWD added a tag with the same name to RW and it screwed me. Since then I have not been using it. I have a large realm I can not export due to issue and LWD never answered my help request. The whole episode was the reason I quit using RW for a long time and still am only lukewarm about RW today. I can't help but wonder if each update (which I totally want the updates) will screw me again.
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