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This is the eleventh time I have tried to ask this question, its turned into a wall of text that requires full editing and better descriptions that just get more complex as the day has gone on. I've been working this since 7am this morning on posting this, and its now nearly 6pm -.-

I guess I was taking so long because I want logical information and education (and I know I'm a difficult student).

For me, the following statements are true. 1 is more important than 2, etc...
  1. Creating custom Categories for anything, in the long run, is not advisable.
  2. Separating content into the Book Source they come from looks more impressive.
  3. Whatever category you use to define a Book Source, needs to be presentable at the root of each Grouping. And this category must be presentable in all Groupings.
  4. Both Story Source and Mechanics Source are non-editable Categories, thou can be recreated as a custom Category.

So instead of continuing to type more wall of text (which is a bad thing), lets see if these pictures makes my point.

Why is this right?

And other than the fact this cannot be done, why is this wrong?

Which then leads me to wondering, why we can't use the special nature of Story Source and Story Mechanics categories (they can't be edited) and say they can be in all Groups?
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