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Release Notes for Realm Works® Version 1.0.1087.247 (BETA)

The following items are of special note to users:
  • NOTE! This new build is a Beta release and entirely optional. As a Beta release, there are numerous changes in this build that may have problems we have not uncovered through our internal testing. You are welcome to continue using the previous build, and you are encouraged to do so if you are uncomfortable making use of a Beta release.
  • NOTE! If you utilize this Beta release and run into problems with it, you can safely downgrade to the previous two versions (build 246 or build 245) – but not to earlier releases. To downgrade, simply download the older version and install it over this Beta version. All of your data will remain intact between the two versions. Of course, you’ll be limited to the capabilities of the older version.

The following is a summary of the significant enhancements and new behaviors introduced in this release:
  • None

The following minor enhancements and changes were introduced in this release:
  • The “Structure” label on the Create Realm form was changed to “Custom Structure” for clarity.
  • The “Create New Content Element Form” now provides the <ctrl+E> and <ctrl+N> shortcuts for triggering the “Create and Edit” buttons on the form, and these shortcuts are displayed on the corresponding buttons.
  • The state of the checkboxes in the “Automatically Assigned Tags” grouping of the Global Filtering form is now remembered for each realm after the realm is closed and re-opened.
  • The state of the controls in the “Views” and “Special Tags” groupings of the “Create New Content Element” form is now remembered for each realm instead of for all realms, for consistency with the other controls on the form. The state of these controls prior to this change will not be remembered, so users who changed the values of those controls will need to change them again for each realm after installing this new version of Realm Works.
  • The “Auto Accept” tab in Manage Preferences was renamed to “Link Detection”, and a new preference was added to this tab to limit automatic link detection to one link instance per snippet. This preference is on by default and can be turned off by unchecking “Auto Ignore Duplicate Links”, which restores the previous behavior of Realm Works.
  • Automatic link detection now scans the revealable portion of a snippet before scanning the GM directions, allowing duplicate links to be automatically ignored in the GM directions when the “Auto Ignore Duplicate Links” preference is on.
  • When a content element is renamed, Realm Works no longer prompts the user to perform a fixup of matching links within other content. These matching links are now automatically displayed with the correct name without the need for a separate fixup operation.
  • A new “Force Link Fixups…” option was added to the Topic and Article tools menu for use in conjunction with the “Search For Link Fixups” operation accessible from the Share ribbon in the Export grouping. The use of the new menu option is explained on the dialog where the search is triggered.
  • Automatic link detection no longer corrects case when detecting links within imported snippets when the Case Matching for the detected name is set to Auto Correct, in order to minimize changes made to imported snippets.
  • Two new preferences were added to the Manage Preferences->Content Display tab governing the display of content links:
    • The “Hide Links Until Hover In View Mode” preference hides links until the mouse hovers over them when content is in View mode. The links remain visible in Edit mode. This option is off by default.
    • The “Display Links In Blue” preference controls whether or not links are displayed in blue in addition to being underlined. When the option is off, the links are only underlined. In previous versions of Realm Works, links were always displayed in blue, so the previous behavior can be restored by checking this preference.

The following issues and problems were addressed in this release:
  • The 64-bit build of Realm Works no longer displays a warning when importing an image larger than 4096 x 3072 pixels. This warning only applies to 32-bit Realm Works, which still shows the warning.
  • The “Ignore” option was removed when the user is prompted to fix up links to a deleted alias, since this option did not work properly and had the same effect as removing the link.
  • The unimplemented “Rename” option in the Realm tools menu in the Realm Works Launcher was removed.
  • Fixed a bug where a drag/drop operation in the navigation pane would sometimes incorrectly show an icon indicating that a drop was not allowed when it was in fact allowed.
  • The tab order in the “Create New Content Element Form” was fixed so that Tab and Shift+Tab can be used to move between the controls.
  • Fixed an issue where tag and picture snippets would sometimes behave as if they had been modified from the imported version on a subsequent import when no change to the snippet had actually been made in the realm being imported into.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur under certain conditions when “Ignore All” was chosen during automatic link detection.
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