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At long last, we have a new release of Realm Works available! However, this release is NOT being made the official new version. This is instead a BETA release.

The reason we’re doing it this way is that there are some MAJOR changes in this new version. The biggest change is that the product is now a true 64-bit application. And, despite all the testing that we’ve done in-house, we want to proceed with an abundance of caution. So this is a BETA release that ALL existing Realm Works users are welcome to put into use.

As a safeguard, we have ensured that there are zero changes to the underlying data between this Beta and the existing version that everyone is assumedly using (build 245). If anything goes wrong for you when using this new version, you can downgrade back to the existing build 245 without any impact to your data. To downgrade, simply download build 245 and install it over the Beta version. This will revert everything back to the old version and you’ll be right where you are today.

I will follow this post with the full release notes for the Beta release. Since many of you are chomping at the bit to download it, I better just shut up, since it’s questionable how much longer you’ll keep reading. So here are the two download links. The first one is the new Beta release and the second is for build 245, just in case anyone needs to revert back.

Realm Works Beta (build 246): – Simply download this and install it over your current build 245

Realm Works Official Version (build 245): – To downgrade from the Beta, simply download and install over the Beta

Note: Our email hosting provider got things massively messed up Sunday night, and we’re apparently now in a Catch-22 with them, so the problem is still not yet resolved. If you run into an issue with this Beta release, please post it here in the forums instead of submitting it to tech support via email.
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