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Keep you're fingers crossed everyone; in theory we'll have SST:EVO next month.

Not exactly a lot of lead up from Mongoose (many, including I, would say exactly none), so I fear its going to get delayed....again....

But! As I write this, it's still due in August. At the moment, there are unit cards that come packaged with pre painted units....I'm not 100% sure if an army builder list will make sense with that system (since the units are fixed, they have what came in the box for x points), but not having seen *any* rules previews, other then unit cards (Saying "It's just like our other game X!" is *not* a preview) its still too early to speculate on how the rules will play.

Currently tho, I'm painting Armorcast terrain up for anticipated games when it launches, and if it makes sense with the new rules, I'm still planning on writing SST AB version 8.
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