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Well, damn. I hadn't realized we split off the 5e branch that long ago. I feel like I've been using foctoclass forever. Alright, here is the content of the procedure, and I'll make sure to set the procedure up in the core program for 5e before next release.

foctoclass procedure
      doneif (isroot = 0)

      if (root.tagis[component.Class] <> 0) then
        perform root.setfocus
      elseif (root.tagis[component.Configure] <> 0) then
        perform root.setfocus
        if (root.islinkage[table] <> 0) then
          perform root.linkage[table].setfocus
        elseif (root.islinkage[varies] <> 0) then
          perform root.linkage[varies].setfocus

    doneif (state.isfocus = 0)

    ~ We could also be in a table on a configureable, so stop if that is where
    ~ we are.
    doneif (focus.tagis[component.Configure] <> 0)
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