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This has nothing to do with whether a license is extended or not. According to the information on our server, the following are the current details entered:

Major version: 1
Minor version: 1
Download URL:
File Size: 134KB
Description: Initial release of re-engineered Data Files

Based on the above info, it *LOOKS* like the author account has not been used in quite awhile to update release details. When you post a new release, are you logging into your author account and updating the release details with the new information? You've obviously done this at least once, based on the information currently entered, but it's possible that this detail has been overlooked since then.

Whenever you post a new release of the data files, there are two steps that must be performed:

1. Upload the files somewhere that can be accessed publicly, such as the site.
2. Go to and login with your author account, then enter the new particulars of the release. The integrated Updates mechanism within AB only knows about information that you enter via your author account. If you release new files but neglect to update the info on our server, AB users will not know about the new release.

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At 10:29 AM 7/2/2006, you wrote:

I'm having issues getting the autoupdate tool to realize that I have put out new version of my files (WAB) Does this have anything to do with me not paying the yearly license fee? Acoording to some poeple who still have automatic updates, the tool says my last version was from February, and I've had at least 3 versions out since then.

Raymond K. Crum
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