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The Hellfrost ones have helped a lot, but Hellfrost didn't have the amount of Trappings details as Sundered Skies does. (Sundered Skies has a free PDF download which gives specific Trapping for all the powers for each of the deities that has it and the Deluxe Conversion guide for it, another free PDF, gives a list of what new Deluxe powers to use in the setting along with the specific trappings details for those. So if a deity has 21 available powers that a priest could get you have each of the 21 powers listed along with a sentence or two for each of the individual powers trappings. Only 2 other things were to drop Guts and to re-title the Scavenger SW Deluxe Edge to Hoarder since Skies has already has a setting Edge called Scavenger.)

The version I just got from the author had the conflict with Slipstream for 3 items of equipment. The forum post that had info on that said that the SS could cause future problems and changing the SS IDs in Skies needed to be cleaned up. No idea if anyone cleaned them up.

Right now I need to add in the the description text for a bunch of Powers and Equipment. Troubleshot the Vehicles (Only 1 of the Vehicles that was done by the author is showing up for some reason, add in the non-human versions of the Vehicles, assign what powers can be gotten from each deity. Add in the Deluxe Conversion stuff, the new Edges and gear from the Modules and 2 island guides (10 things total to add.) 1-4 days of work at the moment for that.
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