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I'm working on creating a Sorcerer bloodline, and I'm having an odd problem.

This bloodline is a variant of one of the ones from the Core Rulebook, and one of the abilities it has it that for the purposes of archetypes etc. the new bloodline counts as the original core bloodline.

Meaning that if the character wants to take an archetype available to characters with that core bloodline, they can do so, and swap out the new bloodline's ability at the appropriate level.

I originally created all the new abilities in the "Class Abilities" tab.

Then I realized I couldn't figure out how to make these count as abilities from the core bloodline.

I then re-created them in the "Custom Ability" Menu.

I'm down to the last step, where I'm trying to create the bloodline itself, and assign the special abilities the sorcerer gets at each level. That's all controlled in the "Class Special Abilities" menu.

But the problem is that because I've recreated all these sorcerer abilities as "Custom Abilities", they don't appear in the "Class Special Abilities" menu.

I figure I've done something simple wrong....but I don't know what.

1-Is there a way to create a Class Special Ability, and have it count as another ability for pre-reqs? I couldn't find that option.

2-If 1 is not possible, and I *do* have to create this using the Custom Ability menu, how can I pick *other* custom abilities as class abilities to be gained at different levels?
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