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an "Apprentice" account requires you to be a part of someone else's HeroLab Campaign in order to advance beyond 1st Level (and that person has to have a "Patron" account).

it sounds like what you need is "Standard" account instead. that will let you make characters of any level, without relying on anyone else's account. if you upgrade from Apprentice to Standard it should apply the money you already paid toward the price of the Standard acct.

linking your Paizo account to your HLO account doesn't actually do anything yet; that is a placeholder for future functionality that they haven't implemented yet. why it's even an option when it does nothing is beyond me, but that's the situation for whatever reason.

also be warned, your base Standard account will only include content from the Starfinder Core Rulebook-- if you want to use feats/equipment/whatever from other Starfinder books you will need to pay to add those on to your HeroLab Online account. book content is a one-time fee per book, not a subscription like the base Standard account. it doesn't matter whether you own the "real" books from Paizo or not, adding them to your HLO account is a separate transaction.
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