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I'm having a devil of a time with this. The one thing I hate more than anything is doing all the damn math in RPGs (I'm also one of those folks that always tends to forget to add the +2 to BAB because of my strange, backwater feat... or whatever). That's all. I need to roll up a character for my Starfinder campaign (I was the GM and now I'm letting someone else GM so I need to make one of my NPCs a real character). I'm totally willing to pay $5 or $10 to have some program automatically populate all of the little ins and outs that are inherent with Pathfinder/Starfinder.

I got the Demo account and it wouldn't let me enter my characters' XP until I upgraded. Since she needs to be starting at 8th level to match the other guys, this is important and that's totally understandable. So I purchased the "Apprentice license" (I assumed that this should be fine since I just need to have one character rolled up, I'm not doing a whole campaign here just yet)...

But it still says I need to upgrade in order to enter XP...

Okay, maybe it's because I need to prove that I own all of the books. Cool. Totally understandable. So I link my Paizo account (I have both a physical and digital copy of the Core and I have digital copies of most of the other books as well). I link the accounts...

No dice.

What am I doing wrong here? Anyone have any ideas?
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