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Originally Posted by Hykim View Post
On the left hand side go to Character -> Settings, scroll way down to House Rules and select the box next to, "Allow nonhuman half-elves & half-orcs". I think that should do it for you.
Yep! That did the trick. I never would have thought to look there. I suppose I should look through every section and see what's where.

As an aside to the mods - sorry about the multipost. The notification that posts needed to be approved flashed by so quick that didn't even notice it until the third attempt at posting. I've posted on enough forums that I've not bothered to look at the 'Your post was successful. Returning to the last forum you viewed' message in years. You tricked me by putting important info there! I caught it out of the corner of my eye the third time and actually had to hit the 'back' button to read it.
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