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Originally Posted by KataH View Post
I just tried to use the Feat: Deft Defense = Adds INT to AC as Dodge bonus
According to the description it is supposed to stack with other items that give a Dodge bonus to AC but it does not.
Opening the item using the Editor, the Eval Scripts show:
hero.child[ArmorClass].field[tACDodge].value = #attrmod[aINT]
Shouldn't that be:
hero.child[ArmorClass].field[tACDodge].value += #attrmod[aINT]
The "+" seems to be missing. I could be wrong as I am just starting to learn how to do some of these items myself.
In either case, the stacking is not working..

Update: I made that modification myself using the Editor and it now stacks. So I am pretty sure that was/is the issue.
Good catch! Thanks for the post! I will get that fixed shortly.

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