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Originally Posted by eastsydneyboy View Post
In reference to the previous post about how HL just works for 3.5e, how do you handle Skill Synergies?

I have 5 ranks in Bluff, so I need to add a separate entry for "Disguise (Act in Character)" to handle the +2 bonus. I already have a standard "Disguise" skill, but this doesn't get the +2 bonus, so how is it supported?
This is a situational bonus. There are multiple ways to handle it as a user. The simplest is probably to create it as a separate skill then add your ranks in Disguise as a bonus to it, plus whatever bonuses may apply.

The d20 system clearly isn't perfect, and yes, support for it from the developers was mostly dropped some time ago. However, there is an editor that allows players to add almost anything they want. If you want the ammunition to affect your encumbrance you can create new ammunition and add a script that does exactly that.
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