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The DCs on the individual Sphere tabs seems to calculate off the CL on the main Magic Sphere Abilities, rather than the CL on the individual sphere tabs. This may have been brought up before, but I don't recall.

A few additional things I've noticed with the Prodigy class from CoS:

1) When you select additional class skills (the class gets three skills to add to it's class list) it throws an error if you already have a skill as class skills from another class or if you later get that as a class skill from another class. It should validate that the selected skills chosen aren't on the static Prodigy list, but doesn't need to validate that they aren't already a class skill overall. There are a couple of reasons you may want to choose a skill to be on the prodigy list that you already have as a class skill from another source; the most obvious is so it would work with the prodigy "Steady Skill" ability.

2) On the Prodigy tab, in the ability list Steady Skills has a free form text box rather than a drop down of class skills.

3) Unbroken sequence has a drop down for a skill choice, but no choice is needed for that ability.

4) On the "Sequence" tab, once you select an opener, it says "Add new openers (1 left)" You should only be able to select one opener. Additionally, when you add an Imbuement, it always tells you that you have overspent.

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