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Originally Posted by GreyLurker View Post
With regards to Spheres of Might. There are still a fair number of missing Archtypes, would you be able to give any idea where they fall in your current timetable?
I'll put this on my to-do list for my current bugfix pass, but would you mind listing the archetypes you've found to be missing? Are they all from SoM?

Originally Posted by Ualaa View Post
Regarding Might, one of my players was interested in a Technician as the Spheres of Might files went live.
On release, we were told that Technician had implementation difficulties, and would eventually be updated.
Our group hasn't really looked at the class since then.
Just curious where that stands.

If we were choosing, USoP would be our priority.
But not sure what others would choose, and we're just one group out of many.
We haven't ironed out our plans past our current projects (which are in no particular order: bugfix pass, Wild Magic, Abjurer's Handbook).

Originally Posted by Vallaki View Post
With one of the latest updates the Caster Level on the individual sphere tabs are effectively double counting casting levels form classes. They however are not double counting modifiers from implements or from Global Spherecatsing Level Modifiers in the adjustment tab.
We've noticed some problems with calculating CL, this among them. I've been working on that for a bit now as part of the bugfix pass. Among other things, this has involved some updates to allow CL to properly track typed bonuses and prevent incorrect stacking when dealing with bonuses to CL of a particular talent, sphere, or overall casting ability.
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