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Old February 5th, 2020, 07:35 PM
With one of the latest updates the Caster Level on the individual sphere tabs are effectively double counting casting levels form classes. They however are not double counting modifiers from implements or from Global Spherecatsing Level Modifiers in the adjustment tab.

Example, a 4th level Prodigy correctly show a CL of 2 on the "Magic Sphere Abilities Tab" but on "Destruction" (or any other sphere) tab it shows as CL 4. The talents are calculating at the inflated CL as well.

I have not checked all spheres and all classes, but it seems to be consistent. I've already delayed and re-installed all of my Spheres content to make sure I wasn't on an old version.

Currently I have:
SoP v1.44
SoP:E v1.7
SoM v1.11
CoS v1.2
Destroyer's HB v1.9
Diviner's HB v1.1
Auspician's HB v1.0
Battlemage's HB v1.2
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