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Well, I have a Rag file that I worked on real heavy for a while.
Then I sorta gave up on it when I knew Rag 2 was coming out and I figured they might change some composition rules.
Then I saw the CH that came out and figured I'd start back on the Rag file
Then I saw a series of posts from Jean Bey where he talked about Confrontatiton: Age of Battles
Then my brain melted because I have no idea what is going on.
Will C:AoB meld Confrontation and Rag?
Will there be a Rag after C:AoB is released?
Will there be much interest in C3 after C:AoB is released?
Will I need a C3 file, a C:AoB file, and a Rag 2 file?
Will I drive myself insane trying to upkeep three different files for basically the same game?
These are the questions that keep me up at night wondering what I got myself into many many years ago....
So, the short answer: I'm mainly working on the C3 files, while I will be revisiting the Rag files to Rag 2 when the FINAL rules come out...if they do.
I'm also kicking around the AT-43 files. If you've looked at that game you'll notice some insanely different composition rules between what is in the AT-43 rulebook and what they released in the previous CH. Different enough that the data files would need to be redone if the army books went one way or the other.

Sorry, bit of a rant, but Rackham has been driving me crazy lately with their "new rules every year" schedule!


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