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Hi Butcher, just a quick question

A few of us have been playing ragnarok2 more frequently of late and we need to use the french data file to write lists because the amount of troops you can select is limited to the amount that you can put on a card. I.e. IF i wanted to use a unit of 8 slashers, i need to make 4 x units of 2 because they are set at 2 per card. I know how to edit the data files and change the limitations but obviously this gets reset after each update.

What I was wondering, is it possible at all to make a tag option when you create an army list to ignore the unit limits? Like how its setup now when you select if you want to use tournament rules or not. This would be a simple way to allow the confrontation data files to create ragnarok army lists. (sure the leader upgrade option is missing, but im sure anyone can remember to add +10 AP to upgrade someone to a leader).

If this is is more work than it sounds, can you think of any simple way to bypass the unit limitations?

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