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I have some issue when implementing some house rules; I use the "replace thing ID" to override the normal thing, and since I want the thing to be use only in a selected game, I add a source as well to hide it in other games.

My problem is the order for accomplishing "replace" and "source": the program replace the thing first, then check if the thing is available by sources. Which means, if I don't use the source, the thing simply doesn't exist.

For instance, let's say in Alice's game, weapon finesse add the Dex to damage. I copy the feat, change it, use "replace thing ID" to override the standard feat, and add the source "Alice's game". But I also play in Bob's game, who don't use that rule. The problem is, when I create a character for Bob's game, the feat cease to exist: the normal feat is overridden by the new feat, and the new feat isn't available since the source "Alice's game" isn't selected.

I see a way to do what I want to do, it's to keep the normal feat, and add conditions in all eval script, bootstrap, etc; something like this for eval scripts:
if (hero.tagis[source.toto]<>0) then
  ~house rule here
  ~official rule here
Is there another way to override a thing if and only if a source is selected ?
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