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This is where things are currently for the next version.

- New setting on Configure Hero to preclude races from the Sci-Fi Companion
- Use generic Racial Tab instead of Rifts Racial Tab.
- Replacement for Skills tab to allow for selection of languages on the tab
- Rework of Flame Wind Dragon Hatchling
* Limited Metamorphosis tags Rifts.DragonForm and Rifts.HumanForm which allow for conditional bootstraps of Dragon-Specific Abilities
- Rework of Breed Advantage Edge
* Each breed is a Simple component with
- Helper.Bootstrap tag
- BreedAdv.<name of the breed> tag

- Adjustment for Skill Points Spent
- New ArmorSpecial component and ArmorRifts compset
- adds following fields to Rifts-Specific Armor
- arToughness: value to modify wearer's toughness by when equipped
- arSpecial: Special details about Armor
- arSpecDisp: used to display synthesis of Cover tags and new ArmorSpecial.? tags
- arCover: holds text synthesis of display for ArmorLoc.?
- Rifts Statblock includes display of special features for armor
- Extended Character sheet
- Armor displays increased to include display of coverage and special properties
- Body Armor selections for Hero's Journey provide modification of selected armor.
- Close Combat Weapon selections for Hero's Journey provide modification of selected Melee Weapon (not natural weapons).
- Ranged Combat Weapon selections for Hero's Journey provide modification of selected Ranged Weapon (not natural weapons)

- Creatures created with core Rifts settings treated as Human in addition when saved to portfolio and reloaded (Human tags, abilities, etc.)
- Running Die missing for various edge/racial abilities
- Cyber-Knight available powers incorrect
- Combat Cyborg unable to select edge or attribute for Shadow of Themselves
- Training: Combat Edge entry for Hero's Journey provides too many choices
- Exceptional Rapid Recharge shows as "Impr Rapid Recharge"
- Dragon Hatchling is unable to use advance to purchase/upgrade abilities
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