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One of the PCs in my game has for a Minion a magical horse which can change into different modes for travel in different environments (Regular horse, Pegasus, Hippocampus) using Morph with Metamorph. This is a 3 point Minion, giving 45 points to build it on, but Hero Lab is only giving the Metamorph forms 15 points.

I tried using the Permanent Adjustment/Power Points option as a workaround, but it didn't work either.

While I'm on the subject, I tried making a new NPC with Morph - Metamorph to see if this was Minion-specific. Why are all the Metamorph forms selected as active, and why do they come up under Minions (and still listed as 15 PP Max, although on the actual forms the normal NPC counters apply)? Something is wonky here; Metamorphs should be one at a time.

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