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Okay, I'm pondering the possibility of a Strands of Fate dataset, and I have some questions.

1) Strands of Fate has two different types of Aspects. I want to be able to manage these both in the same viewer at editing time, and have them appear in the same table at output time. Is it better to have two types of aspects, both implementing the same component, or would it be better to have one component, and specialize its behavior?

2) Since SoF uses similar rules to create & manage characters, vehicles, and organizations, would it be feasible to use the same code for all three?

2b) My thinking on question #2 is that I'd have the user select the 'character' type he wants to create, and then have the 'type' object bootstrap the appropriate Abilities onto the character. Is it easier to have subtypes of advantages for each type of character, or can I use a filter to, say, show vehicle advantages only to vehicles?

Sorry if this sounds disorganized. Right now I'm still brainstorming on the project, and it's kind of scattered in my head.

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