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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
The link in post #1 of that thread links to an errata that says "last updated: February 09, 2018". Was there a different link in another post in that thread? I'm afraid with a hundred posts in that thread, I didn't find any others.
here is the list I pulled together from down at the bottom of that post:

  • A bunch of basic melee weapons picked up the thrown property
  • Some weapons picked up the analog property that were missing it before
  • Grenades got massive price reductions (some up to 60% off) and the stagger inflicted by cryo grenades was clarified to be 1 round
  • Explode weapons can now only critically hit one creature within their explosion.
  • Injection property has been expanded to allow other types of poisons, not just injury poisons.
  • Armor temperature protections have been changed from protect only from temps between -20 and 140F, rather than the previous wording that protected against all temps.
  • A bunch of armor descriptions now use the term "energy field" instead of "force
  • The Venom spur was given a description that makes it a basic melee weapon, rather than the weird undefined state it had before.
  • Clarifications on which magic items are worn and which are not have been added, which helps work out if you've hit your 2 magic items limit. They also
    removed restrictions of wearing two of the same "slot", so you can have both of your magic items be hats if you'd like.
  • Ring of Whispers got a range on its sense through (hearing).
  • Medicinals and poisons both got a lot cheaper. Some item levels changed for poisons too.
  • Drones now explicitly have construct immunities and the unliving trait.
  • Solar Armor is explicitly incompatible with powered armor.
  • The Technomancer's Spellshot hack has been updated to say that you get to deal weapon damage in addition to the spell damage. (Way back at release there were some debates that you only got to use your weapon's range, rather than get the weapon damage too)
  • They fixed flight completely. Now if you have average maneuverability and 5 ranks in acrobatics, or if you have perfect maneuverability, you can hover without making a check or spending a move action.
  • Survival rules for riding creatures were updated. I'm not familiar enough with the rules from Alien Archive 3 to say if this is a substantial change or just reflective of new wording from that book.
  • Various FAQ clarifications (like the android 'constructed' clarification) made it in. There's been a clean up in wording around unarmed strikes and natural weapons too, which is nice. Nothing new though.
  • Enhanced Resistance was changed to apply to your choice of only one kinetic damage type (slashing, bludgeoning or piercing) or one energy type. (Wow, the gravy train is finally over.)
  • Improved Unarmed Strike: "Your unarmed strikes donít count as archaic and can deal lethal damage."
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