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The default folder for HL is c:\Program Files (x86)\Hero Lab, and both the 32 and 64 bit versions should be in that folder. I'd find the other folder on your hard drive where it's installed and delete that folder. That may mean you need to re-do some of your shortcuts, so that you have the right link to launch HL.

The other option is to go to that folder, and there should be two DLLs there that are related to pdfs - pdfcnvas64.dll and pdflib64.dll - I think that's all the installer is actually doing - inserting those two files into the HL folder, so if you copy them to the other folder where you've got HL installed, that should let the pdf work without deleting folders and re-directing links. But on the other hand, it seems cleaner to have just one copy on your computer.
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