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None that I've found, but I'll just echo this and say that I'm also finding HLO just so much less easy to use than Classic. It isn't only that the interface is so clunky - presumably that will get better with time - but that so much of what I used Classic for I just can't do in HLO. For example, in Classic if I were building a PC that was focussed on, say, Grappling, I could easily filter the available feats, magic items, etc. to find the ones that I might be interested in. But HLO, for whatever reason, only searches the title of any given rules item, not the associated text. I could give lots of other examples, but suffice to say that, as far as I'm concerned, HLO has a long way to go before it comes close to what a great product Classic was. I'm hoping that Lone Wolf is going to make that progress, but right now I'm discouraged.
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