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Originally Posted by Rone View Post
We are still looking into this. Just waiting to hear back from Paizo.

Given how the SFS scenarios roll out monthly, there are a number of available boons, including languages, races, and other things, that this would entail, as well as access to items from a chronicle sheet that would be available to a player at Level + 2. Also, this would require a bit of timing, based not only on the release date of the material, but also the not wanting to spoil it for people who have not played it yet, meaning there would likely need to be a bit of a delay after the release date so players aren't able to claim access to items they have not yet earned in society play. Those may be some of the things Paizo will bring up in their response to you.

Otherwise, when it comes to society play items being added to HLO, I am definitely on board with the idea, even if it does bring an additional cost. I am, however, concerned with the toll it will take on the developers, since it will mean a near constant stream of adding new items to the application.
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