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Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
Re-reading this. Maybe I am confused. I think your saying the issue is your bootstrapped talent which is not yet "LIVE" is causing an error in the list? Are you 100% sure the talent is not live on the hero?
Pretty sure, yeah. As it happens, this talent is one that increases the damage done by a different ability, so I can tell whether it's live pretty easily just by checking the damage listed in that ability's livename:

Level 6:

Level 7:

I also tested the talent with a notify statement, just to be sure.

I'd be inclined to agree that the Ability component is the culprit, except that feats also have the Ability component and the Ranger's Endurance bonus feat doesn't have the same issue. I really hope that isn't the problem, because I definitely can't remove Ability from the compset!
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