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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
For the second of these, check out the "orderfield" attribute on components:

(note that the auto link detection messes up on closing parentheses, and I don't have time to get that correct right now). I'll talk about how to build a prereq to count the existing copies of that skill another time - I'm afraid I need to get back to work right now, but I had a quick answer I could link to for how to build the index.
That worked, thanks.

Can you think of a reason that a checkbox wouldn't display on a gizmo form? This is my layout and template, which seems like it should work, but no luck...
    name="Specialty Gained"

          @text = "Specialty Gained?"

      tiptext="Click to indicate hero gains a Specialty for this tour.">

	  height = portal[gained].height + 5
      ~position our tallest portal at the top
      portal[gained].top = 0

	  portal[gained].visible = 1
      ~position the gained portal on the far right
      perform portal[gained].alignedge[right,0]
	  ~position the aging portal to the left of the years button
	  portal[lblGained].left = 0
	  portal[lblGained].width = 150
      perform portal[lblGained].alignrel[rtol,gained,-5]


  <!-- static layout
        This layout consists of the character's name, race, and status info, which
        are laid out in a ribbon across the top.
    <portalref portal="lpSkill" taborder="10"/>
    <portalref portal="lpSpecialty" taborder="20"/>
	<templateref template="lpSpecialtyGain" dynamic="yes" taborder="15"/>

    <!-- This script sizes and positions the layout and its child visual elements. -->
      ~width = 350
      perform portal[lpSkill].autoplace
	  perform template[lpSpecialtyGain].autoplace[20]
	  perform portal[lpSpecialty].autoplace[10]
	  height = portal[lpSpecialty].bottom

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