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So I managed to get most of the new ruleset working to my own satisfaction.
Tried to put everything into ext./.aug/.dat files but it couldn't be done without adjusting the statset in the definition file too.

In the attachment are the files needed.
You just need to unzip and copy the files into <program data directory>\Army Builder\data\LOTR_SBG

There is a new ruleset for BC that needs to be active (last one in the list). It will then allow you to create a leaderless Battle Companies warband for the relevant races. Add warriors as per the rules and then choose from the new BC options (experience, equipment, wargear and injuries)

Known issues:
- War riders faction is not implemented
- model count validation rules are not adjusted
- Shire unit upgrades not implemented
- Influence spent is not calculated (but listed for most options)

Keep in mind that the file lotr-sbg.def will be overwritten by the next official update so you might want to keep a copy of it.

Perhaps the current datafile author can have a look at this and integrate it fully into the official files.
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