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Hey all, at the risk of sounding like I am being negative, White Wolf (World/Chronicles of Darkness) were very fast in replying to me and very responsive.

However the Lone Wolf guys were not very responsive and failed to respond to my last two emails.

Therefore I would have to conclude that for whatever reason, it was not a priority for Lone Wolf Development.

I understand small companies need to prioritise and make decisions about what they can and will do, especially in terms of what will keep them afloat in terms of income. However, an honest communication along the lines of "this is just not a priority for us as a conmpany right now" would be really appreciated.

Even better would be if Lone Wolf could make it possible for the WoD community to have access to what we need to do the work for them for free.

If for whatever reason this has himply fallen through their cracks and they are keen, I apologise in advance for the critical response.
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