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Originally Posted by thedarkelf007 View Post
Next questions.

Skill specialisations are added to the value of skills, then attributes. I have skills working with attributes, but is it possible to link a skill with a skill?

or as I trying to do, can I have a skill that takes the attribute and base skill (if it has ranks) and add itself for the total without having to add the base skill?

Then I will try Advanced skills which don't use the attribute. Can you have a skill not link to an attribute?
Sorry, I'm not familiar with this system, and I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish within Hero Lab.

There's nothing special about the linkages and attributes - the linkage itself is defined in the component, all the scripts that make use of it are in the same component, and setting it to only allow a selection from among attributes is in the editor entry for the skills.

For Shadowrun and Cortex, I stripped out the linkage mechanisms, since they weren't what I needed, so you can certainly make them optional. Here's the wiki page on how components are defined: - the "Linkage" section there has how to set the linkage itself as optional. Deciding to make use of it or not will have to be handled within the scripts.

(P.S. I've moved this thread to the Authoring Kit forum, since it's turned into a thread about building a game with the authoring kit. The "User Projects" forum is intended for corrdinating groups of users or getting a group together. This way, the next preson who wants to build a game using the authoring kit will find the threads you create about this game, and can hopefully learn from them.)

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